large-2Tis the season for Christmas parties, family feasts, and festive cheer! December is all about indulgence, which means sticking to your usual healthy habits may seem somewhat impossible. Needless to say, the holidays can cause more stress than joy by wreaking havoc on your diet, schedule, and bank account.

To stay balanced and zenful, the Naked Snacks team has come up with 5 easy ways to help you maintain your sanity during these hectic holidays:

1. Keep the focus on fun, not food

Christmas baking may be a tradition, but that doesn’t mean that food has to be the main focus. Instead, immerse yourself in the other rituals that the holiday season brings, like caroling, crafting, or watching your favourite holiday movies.

2. Bring healthy snacks to keep you on track

Tuscan-Road-TripGoing hours without eating will not only slow your metabolism, but it will also make you prone to binge on unhealthy foods once you hit the dessert table. Plan ahead by keeping healthy high protein snacks on hand, which will keep you feeling full for longer. Our Wholesome Yogi and the Tuscan Road Trip are designed to help you with this. They both contain healthy fats with a touch of sweetness to satisfy your taste buds and nourish your system.

3. Take a daily walk

large-1A quick walk is one of the easiest ways to relax and reconnect. Breathing in fresh air is an instant mood enhancer, so get outside daily and move. Walking is gentle on the body and the mind, and if you’re alone, it’s also a great form of moving meditation. Plus you can check out the light displays around the neighbourhood!

4. Enjoy healthy beverages

Keep water or herbal teas on hand at all times, and always bring H20 with you when you battle crowds at the mall. Drinking water will help cleanse your system, plus staying properly hydrated will lower your cravings for junk food. To make your drink more interesting, a squeeze of lemon or lime turns plain seltzer water into a refreshing spritzer!

5. Smile

Studies show that this is one of the easiest and most effective things you can do to help elevate your mood. When you’re angry or frustrated, just taking a deep breath and smiling can change your perspective in a matter of seconds. Take a moment of serenity each day and remind yourself to stay grounded and grateful.

It can be easy to get caught up in the frenzy of this season, but it’s important to remember what it’s really about: the people you love. We’re firm believers that food is a way to celebrate and show others you care, so don’t beat yourself up if you have one too many eggnog cocktails, or shortbread cookies. Our motto is 80% whole grown goodness and 20% earned indulgence. So enjoy yourself! Kick back, relax, and whenever you start feeling down, just stand under the mistletoe.

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