The holidays are here again!

We know how decision fatigue can take the cherry out of your pudding this time of year. We’ve endeavored to make your life a little easier by creating a holiday success guide including helpful hints from some of our top snackers. The guide contains three great gift ideas and tips on how to get the most from this festive season. So cozy up with your eggnog and enjoy meeting three very special snackers from our community.

We asked each of our guests these questions:

  1. What goal is Naked Snacks helping you achieve?
  2. What’s a GREAT holiday gift idea (other than snacks)?
  3. What’s your top health and wellness tip for surviving all the social events of the holiday season?

Shauna Dean, creator and Editor of the style blog Quentin & Co, holding her kids' hands

Shauna Dean

Creator and Editor of the style blog Quentin & Co

Loves: Healthy food for the fam

  1. Naked Snacks makes it easy for me to feed my kids healthy, non processed food that they’re still excited about. It’s so convenient and so healthy that I never feel bad when they down an entire bag while we run errands. I use Naked Snacks to easily up the nutrition of their meals too; Honeybee Sprinkles and chopped Orchard Apple Rings over cultured coconut is a quick parfait that takes me no time at all and the boys demolish it.
  2. EXPERIENCES. Safe to say we all have enough things; kids have enough toys, and having stuff I don’t truly want and need makes me anxious. I love the idea of taking a friend out for breakfast or enrolling the boys in skating instead of traditional gifting. 
  3. For me, it’s thinking about how I want to feel all season long. I definitely don’t deprive myself of seasonal treats because that would be crazy, but I try to start my days with a green smoothie and trail mix (Morning Bestie is my go-to!) to get me off on the right foot. 

Lior Zehster, partner at online accounting firm, ConnectCPA

Lior Zehster

Partner at online accounting firm, ConnectCPA

Loves: Giving stand-out client gifts

  1. Holiday gift baskets are nice and all, but everyone sends them and they’re usually unhealthy. With Naked Snacks, we found an alternative to the traditional gift basket; the packaging is beautiful, the shipping is fast/easy and the snacks are healthy and delicious. Now we ship snacks to our clients throughout the year to surprise them, since it’s so easy to do. The feedback has been great!
  2. An Espro French Press (I’m biased though – I love coffee). While you’re at it, add a coffee grinder and some [email protected]** beans and whomever you’re gifting will be one happy camper.
  3. My top tip would be to not even think about it. You have eleven other months to worry about staying fit and healthy – why not enjoy the holiday season, guilt-free? But, since you asked, I’d say to pace yourself and plan ahead.

Nancy Wu, blogger and Editor in Chief of Nomss & Hello Nance, with her baby

Nancy Wu

Blogger and Editor in Chief of Nomss & Hello Nance

Loves: Protein-packed snacks on-the-go  

  1. As a new mom, having protein rich snacks nearby is super important – especially when you are rushing around. I love the different savory and sweet healthy choices available from Naked Snacks. 
  2. I’m all about gifting experiences, whether a spa package, opera show or ski passes. I love spending time with friends and family doing something fun, especially during the holidays. 
  3. Staying hydrated is the best way to survive the busy season. Drinking water helps to relieve fatigue, increase energy and flushes out toxins. 

Whether it’s staying on track health-wise or finding a thoughtful gift, the holidays are a busy time of year so don’t worry if indulgences sneak in. Have fun and remember that the most important thing is to enjoy every moment with family and friends.


Photo Credit: Quentin & Co Instagram, Hello Nance, ConnectCP